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I have created and will continue to create tools that will assist you in your soul's journey. These tools will be DVD's that guide and teach you how to speak with your Angels, how to understand the Gifts of Spirit and much more. The CD's will inform you and show you how to cleanse your energy, others will explain the many whys of our journey. We are always growing as will this list of tools. The first book offered is The Little Book: Anointed Scribals.

mini-ColorFrontCover.jpg The Little Book: Anointed Scribals
The Little Book will reach inside of you and touch the very core of your essence known as the soul. While Bonnie is a Mystic who is fully grounded on the Earth plane, she seems to effortlessly travel between the most sacred of places to paper. The saying "from God's lips to yours," is given new meaning as the anointed scribals glow as remnants of an ancient time. You will feel as if lost scriture has been rediscovered.
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mini-cover2.jpg Celestial Journey: Spiritual Gifts & Angelic Awarness
This DVD is an opportunity for those seeking spiritual growth to gain additional knowledge and the spiritual tools to help you more clearly understand your spiritual path this lifetime. You will learn about the gifts of Spirit and how they affect the way you communicate with others and your spiritual challenges. More importantly, you will learn a simple technique for cleansing and how to talk with your Angels and receive responses.
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minicdcover.jpg Cleansing Your Energy
Working with white light is the most powerful tool for cleansing. This CD will talk you through the cleansing of your personal energy, your personal space or environment. Bonnie will explain, in very simple truths, how energy works and why this simple technique can be used anytime.
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