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Looking for answers and tools to help you grow spiritually? Seeking to understand the Soul and its relationship to the Vessel (the body), Angels,the Universe and the journey of the Soul. Unlock the wisdom and tools your Soul brought with it. Come to know your true self,your Soul and discover your reason for being her. Empower yourself with information available on Angelicseekers.com.

Bonnie Wharton,Mystic,Clairvoyant,creator of the DVD 'Celestial Journey: Spiritual Gifts & Angelic Awarness as presented in the 2005 GRAMMY'S & Academy Awards Gift Baskets has over 30 years of Spiritual teaching. She has authored 'The Little Book: Annointed Scribals. Her awareness of the ethereal world began at age 5. She lives in Hawaii and has clients all over the country.

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